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Our Core Values

Train Smart. Train Hard. Have Fun.

1. Education

We are committed to providing coaching that meets and exceeds the standard of practice in the fitness industry. There is so much information out there, we will continue to learn, use what is useful and separate evidence from hype.. We believe in the importance of education for each member learning more about themselves and how they respond to training, nutrition, and lifestyle. Your coach will work with you as an INDIVIDUAL to get the most out of your training with us. And to keep you healthy and injury free!! One size does NOT fit all.


2. Industriousness

Legendary UCLA Mens basketball coach John Wooden’s Pyramid of Success had Industriousness as it’s foundation. When he explained what it meant he said “I mean you have to work – and work hard. There is no substitute for work. None. Worthwhile results only come from real work.” “I called it industriousness to make very clear it involves more than merely showing up and going through the motions.” We want everyone to know the “why” behind what they are doing, but we are not trying for any “hacks” or shortcuts. This community is dedicated to hard work to achieve worthwhile outcomes. Surround yourself with likeminded, positive people to challenge you and make you better!


3. Fun

This community is friendly, inclusive, and supportive with the goal for everyone to change their lives for the better. Training is more fun and more productive when you have like minded, hard working training partners there to support and challenge you each day. People have unique experiences and backgrounds, and different training goals but having regular training partners and a personal coach will make going to the gym something you look forward to, not dread. Challenges, Tests, Friendly Competitions are used to assess results but also to add variety and fun to our programs.